Patient experiences of Diabetes care - report

Patient experiences of Diabetes care - report

The Aylesbury Vale Diabetes UK Group are pleased to announce the publication of their report, 'Diabetes Care in Aylesbury Vale and Buckinghamshire'.

This report comprises three months work soliciting the experiences and views of people with diabetes and their families.

Conrad Jarrett, Secretary, said: "This report underlines the continued variance in standards of care given to people with diabetes across the area, which were picked up in the National Diabetes Audit in 2012.  It is very important that we see improvements to the services given to people with diabetes, as poor care can play a role in the development of diabetes complications, including blindness and kidney disease."

You can read or download a copy of our report by clicking here.

You can read the National Diabetes Audit 2012 for Aylesbury Vale here.  And part 2 here.