About us

The Diabetes UK Aylesbury Vale group is one of over 350 voluntary groups situated throughout the UK.

Our goal is to provide support and educate people living with diabetes, as well as their family, friends and anyone else who is interested in knowing more about diabetes.

We hold regular, sociable activities as well as attend external events to provide education, information and support to all those affected by diabetes - and that includes family, friends, carers and colleagues of those with diabetes, as well as health professionals. For more details see the Events page

Whether you are newly diagnosed or just 'an old hand', or you are the parent/guardian, carer, partner, colleague, boss, friend or health professional our group offers you a welcoming opportunity to talk with others affected by diabetes - to ask questions, share experiences, learn new things and have a good laugh

The Committee

Chairman & Treasurer - Steve Adamek: 0787 5085453

Vice Chairman & Fundraising - Tony Miller: 01286 436 264

Secretary - Dr Nizam M Darwesh: 07817 170411

Media & Marketing - Conrad Jarrtett

Safeguarding Contact - Dawn Newbutt

Other Members -  John Wallbank, Tim HenshawJoyce Collins